Welcome to Chime! Here are some frequently asked questions. This is, after all, the first-ever connected device for chai. Clearly you might have some questions. We hope this helps. If you have any more questions, email us at info@brewchime.com

First thing’s first, why this? Why chai?

Why are you doing this?

Why does coffee get all the glory? All the fancy machines, all the attention? Chai is special and it deserves it’s own unique experience. It’s a lot of work to make the perfect cup of chai. It’s a ritual that impacts over a billion people around the world, we want to make their ritual, something they love, a delightful experience.

What’s the difference between a chai latte and chai?

So many things! A chai latte means the milk was frothed and not simmered and likely that it is made with pre-extracted tea liquor or freeze dried tea extract.

Chai is authentic and made with simmering milk, fresh tea and spices.

Both taste different….of course we prefer authentic chai!

What’s the difference between a chai mix I can buy in the store vs. a Chime device

The taste and ingredients. Most store-bought options don’t have fresh ingredients and are often heavy on sugar and artificial flavors. We are all about au natural and committed to preserving the traditional, authentic taste of chai.

About our Pre-Order

What is a Pre-Order?

It’s reserving one of the first units of Chime, today for $25 and lock in the lowest pre-order price of $249 USD (Retail $399). When we ship, in March 2017, you pay the balance of $224, the total price is $249 (Retail $399), pretty good deal! If you change your mind, you cancel anytime. 

What does the pre-order include that I won’t get if I order later?

Pre-ordering is special for many reasons! By supporting the world’s first connected device for chai, Chime, we will be offering the following special benefits:

  • 1 Chime Brewer (includes 2 Sieves, Carafe)
  • 1 Chime Cap Starter Variety Pack, 60 caps*
  • Free Shipping to US and Canada*
  • Be one of the first to get Chime in March 2017*

* These items are being offered during this Limited-Run Pre-Order that ends June 20, 2016.

When does your pre-order end?

Pre-Order is limited and will end on June 20th, 2016.

When will my pre-ordered product ship?

We will be shipping in March of 2017.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, no problem. You can cancel anytime.

What is your Return Policy?

After you receive your Chime, you have 30 days to return your Chime.

Do you offer a Warranty?

Yes, we offer a 1 year warranty  

Do you ship to my country?

For our limited-run Pre-Order launch we are shipping to the US and Canada. More countries soon! Please join our mailing list and let us know which countries you would like us to support.

About the Product

How does it work?

We’ve taken the most important steps of the manual chai making process into a device that is simple and makes a fresh cup of chai in less than 3 minutes. Here’s how it works:

  1. Load your favorite Chime Cap
  2. Customize your settings on the Brewer or from the Chime App
  3. Pour milk or milk substitute

Press start, let Chime do the rest

Watch as whole tea and spices are released into the tea brewing chamber to steep while the milk gently simmers below. Then, the milk and tea combine to create a harmony of aroma and flavors you only experience with authentic, homemade chai.

How is this a connected device?

Using bluetooth you can connect to the Chime device on your phone with the Chime App. The app allows you to have finer controls over the process of making chai such as:

    1. Cup size
    2. Brew strength
    3. Milk to water ratio
    4. Temperature
    5. Froth or no froth

You can save your favorite settings as a recipe and use them again anytime, on your Chime device or on another Chime device you run into, maybe at a friends house or the office!

The app also manages your Chime caps. It knows how many you have and how many you have left. You can set to it to automatic re-order or manage your Chime Cap orders manually.

How do I clean my Chime after I make a cup?

Clean up is easy and involves 2 easy steps: First recycle the chime cap and compost the tea. Secondly rinse the sieve and milk carafe  or throw them into the dishwasher.

How long does it take to brew a cup?

So quick! Less than 3 minutes.

Can I brew more than one cup at a time?

You can brew either one small cup (6 oz, 175 ml) or one large cup (12 oz, 350 ml)

Can I make other kinds of hot drinks like green tea lattes in the device?

Chime was purposefully designed to make authentic Chai and frothy Chai Lattes. The Chime Caps currently have black tea and spices. We will constantly innovate and listen to our customers and introduce new tea offerings, first things first, chai!

Can I preset the device to make a cup of chai before I wake up?

Chai needs fresh milk. So technically you cannot do this, you need to pour in fresh milk before starting your Chime. You can, however, save your recipe to control tea strength, milkiness, and temperature, you can set and save all your favorite recipes. Chime knows your taste, and is always ready to prepare chai the way you like it. Besides, its fast so you do not need to plan way in advance.

I am lactose intolerant, does the device work with other types of milk alternatives?

YES. We have tested various non-dairy options such as Soy Milk and Almond milk and it works and tastes great!

How do I maintain my device?

There will be cleaning cycles available in the menu to periodically maintain your device.

What are the dimensions and weight of Chime?

13.5 inch height, 11.25 inches width, 10.5 inches depth and it weighs 18 lbs

About Chime Caps

Where do you source your tea from?

We will source our high-grade Black Tea from Asaam and Darjeeling in India. The tea is used in traditional chai.

What different chai blends do you offer?

We are launching Chime with 5 different Chime Cap Blends:

  1. Plain
  2. Cardamom
  3. Ginger
  4. Ginger & Cardamom
  5. Masala

We are constantly working with tea suppliers and tea brands to add more variety of blends. Please let us know if you have any recommendations.

Are Chime Caps recyclable?


Where can I buy more Chime caps?

You can buy more Chime Caps directly through the app, it knows how many you’ve used and how many you have left. You can also place your order online through our website.

How much is a Chime Cap?

Every Chime Cap is $1 but we will have a subscription model soon.

Can I use my own ingredients to make chai?

The Chime brewer expects a Chime Cap to brew chai.  We understand everyone likes to personalize and add their own spices. You can do this by dropping in your additional spices in the tea chamber before placing the Chime Cap.

We are constantly working with tea suppliers and tea brands to offer you a wide variety of blends.

Can I control how much sugar to put? Do you put sugar in your Chime Caps?

We do not put any sugar in Chime Caps. You can put as much or as little sugar as you like in each cup. You can do this by adding sugar in the milk carafe before or after chai is made.

Can I brew a chai with no spices?

Yes, we offer Chime Caps with no spices. The “Plain” Chime Cap blend is pure high-grade black tea.

Can I control the amount of spices?

Currently, the level of spiciness can be controlled by the brew strength controller and not the amount of spices. The amount of tea and spices will come pre-proportioned in the caps after a lot of testing to let you control the level of spiciness in each cup.